Another Reason to Wear Your Baby

When I suggest babywearing to a new mama I usually go right for the convenience aspect, “it allows you to be hands free so you can get stuff done!” Most new mamas are busy and want a little bit of their freedom from their old life, so having their hands free to do things ranks right up there with getting some extra sleep.

I will also mention a few of the other benefits…

  • Provides comfort and security for the baby
  • Provides external regulation
  • Helps with baby’s social & mental development
  • Helps baby to sleep better
  • Keeps baby in motion, it’s very womb-like to keep baby calm
  • Keeps people from touching baby so the germs stay away
  • It’s a confidence booster – when baby is content caregivers feel more confident
  • It’s easy to breastfeed on the go, if mama is breastfeeding

So when I had a mama friend contact me to borrow a carrier and it wasn’t for any of the reasons I previously mentioned, I was surprised – really surprised.  I’ve been helping mamas wear their little nuggets for almost 10 years and it’s been almost 13 years since I first wore my son, and that was for convenience mostly.

She explained to me that she had been shopping at the mall for the perfect outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding. She was pretty frustrated trying to find something that she liked and she was probably underdressing so “I wanna wear the babe classy” she texted me. This was going to be the first time seeing some old friends since having her children and she thought was if she could wear her baby, the focus wouldn’t be on her.

Turns out I had a natural hemp indio, size 6, broken in, and ready to go! Hemp is not my go-to for a warmer day but it was plain, and that’s exactly how she planned to accessorize her outfit to help her feel good about what she was wearing.


NHI – Didymos

She had a little experience with wrapping and was running out of time but we practiced with the demo doll and went over safety tips before she had to get home.

Exactly 2 hours later I received this:


“Feels good for my first time 🙂 thanks again!!”

Now I am sure to mention that babywearing can help when you are having insecurities about how you look and feel. People can focus on  your sweet squish and not your hips. And since babies never go out of style and are always absolutely adorable, you can’t go wrong accessorizing with a baby and carrier! You stay classy Ames Area!

Do you want to learn how to wrap? Do you want to check out the difference between wraps…cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk, bamboo and countless variations of blends?

Come to one of our local meet ups, held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30-7pm at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Meeting Room C, 1111 Duff Ave in Ames, and learn all about different wraps and carriers!