A Babywearing Paint and Pour

A babywearing paint and pour – hmmmmm, a fun fundraising idea!

I wasn’t sure how this was going to go…wearing babies while painting might not be the most fun after I got thinking about it. But our local social guru Sareena explained to me that this was a mama’s afternoon out, so unless you have a nursling, leave the kids at home and enjoy connecting with some other babywearing mamas. Perfect – sometimes we all need a little motivation to take some ME time!

Plus there were treats – even some food and chocolate!

treats and food

Now I’m not a painter, unless it comes to walls – and then only if the Sharpie won’t come off, so I was curious how my mama babywearing painting was going to turn out. I wasn’t really that worried about it because paying $25 for an afternoon to myself is more than worth it, especially considering some of the proceeds would be donated to us for our lending library,  but I was hoping that Sarah Clark from The Social Studio could work some serious artist magic with me.

Turns out she didn’t have to! She did the hard part for us by sketching a basic guide that we could all easily customize.

secret sketching

Then she walked us through each of the steps so we could blend colors, customize our carriers, and of course personalize our mamas to reflect ourselves. She even helped out with the sweet little babe so mama could have some time to paint herself. Sarah made it sooooo very easy for us ALL to be an artist!

We all agreed hands-free was the way to go, so out came a carrier!

bwing shot

We also agreed that wine helped make choosing the colors a little easier!

empty wine shot

We had so much fun chatting and painting – the time quickly flew by.

And just like that we were all heading home with our gorgeous babywearing paintings and making plans for what we wanted to paint next. PLUS we can get another carrier for our lending library!!!


Each painting turned out so beautiful – and you might even be able to figure out who did which one because we all pretty much painted ourselves, really well if I do say so myself!

If you want to explore your inner creativity and  have a lot of laughs and fun with local babywearing mamas, join us for our next Babywearing Paint and Pour! Details are in our Facebook group Ames Area Babywearing & Beyond.

If you want to have your own Paint and Pour, babywearing pictures are optional – Sarah has loads of other ideas so you can make your own event personal to your group, find her on Facebook, The Social Studio. Plus she comes to you so you can customize your events to be exactly what you want just like your paintings!

If you have more ideas on how we can raise money to help building our lending library send us an email, amesareababywearing@gmail.com, or message us on Facebook!